Aranya (Ayesha Takia) is actually a middle class appealing woman who life in a little city named Ganga. She earns her residing by repairing wrist watches, clocks as well as Doing the job as a waitress in her Close friend, Gayatri's (Tanvi Azmi) cafe. Her widowed father, Ashok Mahadeo (Raghuvir Yadav), is actually a devotee of Bollywood artist Kisho… Read More

The movie begins inside of a village and in a huge palatial house which has been shut down for 5 years. Quickly, the family that owns the house comes down to promote off the home once and for all. But when they settle in several evenings ahead of registration, Weird factors preserve happening across the residence. Maya (Lakshmi Rai), Madhavi (Andre… Read More

A vast school campus situated amidst the jungles of Chotanagpur has a dim historical past of sixty yrs. The campus is usually closed and sealed during the very long vacations. however a person summer months four pupils, who at the time were being Great friends stay again from the deserted campus.Watching films and movies online is now less difficul… Read More